A vehicle waits to take a young lady to the fiesta after her quinceañera mass  

In addition to public festivals and fiestas, there are also traditional family celebrations to recognize special events.




Celebrations in a lifetime start after the religious ceremony of a child's baptism.

After that, every year's birthday will be celebrated with a piñata party, which have their own rituals and traditions.

And perhaps the most birthday for a young girl is the celebration of her rite of passage to womanhood known as the quinceañera.

Other family fiestas will celebrate special life events such as weddings and anniversaries.

And not to forget special annual celebrations such as Christmas, New Year's, Three King's Day, Día de la Calendaria and the day of one's patron saint, among others. In addition, there are annual celebratory days for a variety of reasons, such as professions, gender, childrens' day, and earth day, United Nations day, Worker's Day (May 1) just to mention a few.

A friend of mine who is a teacher gets to celebrate several days every year - her birthday, women's day, educators' day, worker's day, her saint's day and Mother's Day, in addition to the standard holidays.

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