A baby in her white baptism dress  

The sacrament of baptism is a sacred traditional event in the life of a Sonoran family.




Having a strong Catholic culture, baptisms are an important part of the Sonoran family tradition of ceremonies and fiestas.

Before the ceremony, the parents and godparents (padrinos) must attend three days of platicas, religious talks with a priest or church lay member, regarding their roles and responsibilies related to their vows at the baptism.

Traditionally during the baptism ceremony the baby will be dressed in white. Girls wear dresses and boys are dressed in small suits (ropajes) similar to the design of vestments worn by priests and other religious figures.

The ceremony involves the blessing of the child with holy water and with a candle. In addition, oftentimes a small religious medallion or crucifix is blessed by the priest during the ceremony and given to the child.

In the past, following the church ceremony all of the children attending the ceremony would gather together, and the godparents and parents of the baptized child would throw coins (bolos) in the air as the children scrambled to collect them. The tradition of bolos is no longer a common one, however.