A performance during the Kino Festival in Magdalena  

Festivals are typically cultural celebrations sponsored by a city or organization in Sonora.




A Sonoran cultural festival is the best opportunity for tourists to experience the culture and hospitality of a Sonoran city or pueblo in a relaxing and celebratory atmosphere.

Festivals are typically celebrations to recognize a person or event. Unlike city fiestas, they are often "dry," meaning that beer or other alcohol is not served during the event.

Entertainment at festivals is varied but always interesting and entertaining. It typically includes performances by dancers, singers and traditional groups, as well as static exhibits such as paintings or photography.

And there are typically vendors who travel from different parts of Mexico to sell crafts and curios.

Two of the better-known festivals in Sonora are the Alfonso Ortiz Tirado festival, held every January in Alamos, and the Kino Festival, held every May in Magdalena.

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