Dia de los Niños Heroes

  Monument to the Niños Heroes at Chapultepec Park in Mexico City  

Every September 13th, Mexico pays tribute to six teenaged cadets who gave their lives for their country - the boy heroes, or niños heroes.




On September 13, 1847, during the Mexican-American War, a United States Army under the command of General Scott was advancing on Mexico City.

The castle of Chapultepec, on a strategic hill near the city, came under attack. The defenders, under Mexican General Nicolas Bravo, included dozens of teenaged military school cadets who attended the academy at Chapultepec.

When General Bravo gave the order to retreat, the six cadets refused to leave, and instead stayed and fought to their deaths. One of the cadets, in an effort to protect the flag, wrapped himself in the colors and threw himself over a wall, to his death.

Annual events to commemorate the sacrifices include parades, often by children, exhibits and reenactments.


Boy Heroes Day photos provided courtesy of Viva Caborca