Enjoying the fiestas de San Francisco Javier in Magdalena  

Fiestas are local annual celebrations sponsored by a city or pueblo to celebrate a person or event, or to honor a patron saint.




Fiestas are celebrations that are well attended, and are real parties. They will typically have entertainment like dances with musical groups, along with carnival rides and other entertainment.

And you'll never go thirsty at a fiesta, as there is typically a Tecate tent selling ice-cold beer every half block or so.

Another great thing about fiestas is the food. You'll find a variety of food stands selling everything from carne asada to specialty breads.

Other food favorites at fiestas are elotes, cooked corn kernals in a cup swimming in butter and mayonnaise, and of course, churros, the deep-fried pastry sticks coated with sugar.


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