Bottom's Up!  

Ah yes, the two staples of the Sonoran bar crawler - cerveza and tequila. Where to buy, where you can drink and other miscellaneous information about alcoholic beverages in Sonora.




The minimum drinking age in Sonora is 18 years old. As you can imagine, alcoholic beverages are widely available in Mexico, and there isn't anything that can take the edge of the Sonoran desert heat like an ice-cold beverage.

Bars and Clubs

If you go to a club in a tourist destination like San Carlos or Rocky Point, chances are you'll have access to a full selection of libations.

Other bars will typically only have a limited selection of beer (or some may only sell Tecate, the most popular beer in Sonora) and also limited options for liquor. For example, you can just about always get a shot of tequila, but don't bother asking for a mixed drink, because regular bars typically don't offer them.

Grocery Stores, Convenience Stores and Expendios

Grocery stores typically have several brands of beer, and may even sell liquors. There are liquor stores in some towns, but they aren't common and typically charge much more than you would pay for liquor in a grocery store.

Convenience stores sell beer, but only those brands for which they have a contract. For example, you can buy Coors Light, Sol and Tecate at an Oxxo store, but they don't sell Bud Light, Pacifico or other beer flavors.

Expendios are small stores that mainly sell beer. They are very common in Mexico, and typically sell beer for a few pesos less than you would pay in a grocery or convenience store. Many expendios also sell sodas and snacks. Expendios only sell certain brands of beer - for example, a Tecate 6 expendio will sell Tecate, Sol and Coors Light. A Bud Light or Pacifico expendio will sell Bud Light, Pacifico, and Modelo beers.

So if you are looking for a certain brand of beer, you'll either need to look for it in the grocery store, or at the appropriate expendio.

The good news is that most expendios and convenience stores will fill your bag of beer (or mini cooler) with ice, free of charge. Just don't try to eat the ice, or use it in a drink, or it may make you sick.

And be aware that you can't drink alcoholic beverages in public places. The only exception to this is during a town fiesta where beer is sold.