San Luis Lodging


Lodging options in the Sonoran border town of San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora.




Located across the border from San Luis, Arizona and about 30 miles south of Yuma, Arizona, San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora is a border town in a very hot desert climate.

As in most border towns, the lodging options range from fleabag motel to nice hotel. The good news is, most are within walking distance to your border dentist appointment, or within crawling distance of your favorite club or cantina.

See below for a listing of the nicer hotels and motels in San Luis Rio Colorado.

Lodging in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, Mexico

Avenida Obregon between Calles 21 and 22
(653) 536-4720

Hotel California
Avenida Obregon and Calle 7
(653) 534-1344

Hotel Internacional
Avenida Internacional and Calle 2
(653) 534-2020

Hotel Las Conchas
San Luis 100
(653) 515-7002

Hotel Panda
Avenida Obregon
(653) 536-6868

Hotel Roma
Avenida Madero and Calle 2
(653) 534-4490

Hotel San Angel
Avenida Obregon # 150, between Calles 10 and 11
(653) 534-0101

Hotel San Antonio
Avenida Obregon # 269
(653) 518-3781