San Carlos Restaurants

  Dining al fresco on the beach at the Hotel Fiesta Real in San Carlos  

Dining options in the Mexican beachfront resort community of San Carlos, Sonora.




While enjoying the sun, sand and surf during your San Carlos fiesta, don't forget to take a break every once in awhile to enjoy some of the fine cuisine available in and around San Carlos Bay.

There are lots of places to grab a burger or pizza (typically the same places where you'd be grabbing a beer or a margarita).

And while that's fine for most, you should also enjoy some of the fine restaurants in San Carlos that feature some of the freshest, most delicious seafood you'll find.

And San Carlos is in Southern Sonora, the source of some of the finest beef in the world. And when you grill that juicy beef, throw it on a tortilla with some fresh guacamole, salsa, cucumbers and other fillings, and squeeze a lime over it all, you've got a great companion for your ice-cold beverage.

Gran Noche Mexicana at El Embarcadero

15 September
Starting at 6:00 p.m.
250 pesos includes a complimentary margarita or beer, children 1/2 price
Enjoy a Mexican buffet with mariachi music at the Restaurant El Embarcadero, inside the MarinaTerra Hotel and Resort.
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Dining Options in San Carlos, Sonora

Cafes and Juice Bars
Light Fare
Pollo Asado
Restaurant - Bar
Steaks and Carne Asada
International Dining

Cafés and Juice Bars

Evie's Simply Coffee
Marina San Carlos

Mamacita's Juice & Expresso Bar
Edificio Maria Rosa # 10
(622) 226-0475

Light Fare

Location: Boulevard Beltrones
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Barracuda Bob's
Marina San Carlos Building
Breakfast, Lunch, Pastry

Jax Snax
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones
Burgers, Pizza

Joey's Bistro
San Carlos Plaza Hotel
(622) 227-0077

Marina Cantina & Deli
Marina San Carlos Building
(622) 226-1112
Sports Bar; Deli sandwiches, soup & salad

Pollo Asado (Grilled Chicken)

El Pollo Feliz
Blvd Beltrones Km 10
(622) 226-0111

Restaurant and Bar

Blvd. M.F. Beltrones

Rosa's Cantina
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones Km 9.5 
(622) 226-1000

Ruby Wine Bar
On the boardwalk at Marina San Carlos

Soggy Peso

Catch 22 Beach

Location: Marina San Carlos

Steaks and Carne Asada

El Bronco
178 Sector Creston
(622) 226-1130

Tacos JJ
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones Km 10
(622) 226-1209
Carne Asada


Charlie's Rock Restaurant Bar
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones, across from the Best Western
(622) 226-0888

El Embarcadero
Marina Terra Hotel (on the marina waterfront)
Mexican & Seafood
Visit their website

El Esterito
In the Bahia Before Marine Mart
(622) 226-1000

El Kiosko
San Carlos Plaza Hotel
(622) 227-0077
International, Mexican & Seafood

International Dining

Blvd Beltrones (across from the Totonaka RV Park)

Blackie's Restaurant
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones Km 10 (next to the Pemex gas station)
(622) 226-1525

Bonifacio's Cotton Club
Gourmet Restaurant & Beach Lounge
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones Km 20
(622) 227-0515

Captains Club
One Block south of the Marinaterra Hotel
(622) 226-2123
Visit their website

El Pelicano - Palapa Restaurant
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones Km 9, in the Best Western Hotel
(622) 226-0220

La Palapa Greek Restaurant
La Posada Condos

Piccolo Italian Restaurant
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones Km 10
(622) 226-0503

Restaurant Hotel Fiesta
Blvd. M.F. Beltrones Km 8.5
(622) 226-0229