The mission church and plaza at Pueblo Viejo in Caborca  

The city of Heroica Caborca, Sonora is also known as the "Pearl of the Sonoran Desert."




Caborca is a city of nearly 60,000 residents, with some interesting historical and cultural sites to visit.

It also has some decent hotels, and a variety of great places to party.

Caborca's main festival is the week-long festival in early April to commemorate an event in 1857 when a group of American renegades tried to take control of the area. The town was defended by local natives who fought from inside the church until they were liberated by Mexican troops on April 6, 1857.

There is a smaller fiesta during the peak of the summer heat in July, the Feria de la Uva (grape fair). The feria is more of a local event, which features bands and dancing, a midway, and the coronation of the Queen of the Grapes.

Caborca also has a dance club, some fun bars, a cantina district, and a red-light district known as "La Zona."


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