Magdalena Fiestas de San Francisco Javier

  The faithful visit a figure of San Francisco Javier  

Without a doubt, the biggest annual event in Magdalena de Kino are the Fiestas of San Francisco Javier. The 2012 fiestas will be celebrated from September 28 to October 6.




Every year, from the last week of September to the Day of San Francisco Javier on October 4th, thousands of people gather in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora for the traditional fiestas de San Francisco Javier.

Participants include hundreds who walk the 40+ miles from the border to Magdalena, to show thanks to the saint for favors granted during the year. A resting figure of San Francisco is the centerpiece of the fiestas, as a continually long line of people wait to touch the figure.

And following a belief that sinners and those who aren't pure of heart can't lift the saint, various visitors lift the image of San Francisco as they pass.

There are also dozens of vendors who come from various parts of Mexico to sell their goods, and turn Plaza Monumental into a temporary campground ringed by their stands.

The areas where the fiestas are celebrated are filled with food stands, vendors selling a variety of products, beer tents, and people. It's a real party.

If you plan to visit the fiestas, most of the festivities are centered around two nearby plazas - Plaza Monumental and Plaza Benito Juarez. Most of the streets around the area will be closed to vehicular traffic, so its best to leave your vehicle at the hotel and walk or take a taxi to the fiestas.

There is a very nice second-story, three-room hotel that is perfectly located a half block from each of the plazas - Casa Monumental Hotel. You can park your car behind the hotel and everything is within walking distance. In fact, you can sit on their balcony and watch the fiestas as the people pass by.



Photos courtesy of VivaMagdalena