Southern Sonora

  A colonial residence in Alamos, Sonora  

If you happen to find yourself in Southern Sonora, it's not hard to find a cultural event to enjoy, or a watering hole where you can relax.




The colonial pueblo of Alamos is perhaps the best known tourism destination in Southern Sonora, but there are also some major cities that offer major opportunities for fun, relaxation and partying.

The city of Navojoa is just 20 miles from Alamos, and is large enough to have a Sam's Club and other stores where expats from Alamos can stock up on supplies. It also has its share of fiestas.

The largest city in southern Sonora is Ciudad Obregon, located in the heart of the state's agricultural region.

And lest we forget Huatabampo, which is a relatively small town but with close access to the relatively undeveloped beaches at Navaros and Huatabampito.


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