Alamos Lodging


The lovely colonial pueblo of Alamos, Sonora is known for its colonial buildings, rich history and beautiful surroundings.




Alamos is not only a quaint, colonial pueblo, it is also an internationally known tourist destination.

And like the sights around town, lodging options exist at every level, from a street-side hostel to local basic hotels, to the unique and fun, and all the way up to the four-star luxury accommodations.

So if you prefer to be pampered, you can enjoy the finest luxury here. Or if you're carrying a backpack and counting your pesos, you can also find comfortable places to stay.

But the real magic of Alamos is outside of your hotel, walking down the cobblestone streets and enjoying the town.

With unique architecture and history, you can walk along cobblestone streets and take some amazing photos. Or enjoy real relaxation just sitting on a park bench in the plaza, or enjoying the views from El Mirador. Or have a margarita by the pool, and contemplate your options...

Lodging in Alamos, Sonora

Hacienda de los Santos Resort and Spa Alamos
Calle Molina 8, Colonia Real de los Alamos
Visit their website

Casa de Maria Felix Museum and Inn
Galeana 41
(647) 428-0929

Visit their website

Casa de los Tesoros
Obregón #10
(647) 428-0010

Casa Lucero
Morelos #59
(647) 428-0197

Dolisa RV Park
Madero #72
(647) 428-0131

El Jacalito
Campodónico #9
(647) 428-0336

El Pedregal
Barrio El Chaletón
(647) 428-1509

Hotel Colonial
Obregón #4
(647) 428-1371

Hotel la Posada de Alamos
Calle 2 de Abril, Colonia Barrio el Perico
(647) 428-0045

Hotel los Portales
Calle Benito Juárez 6, Colonia Centro
(647) 428-0211

Hotel San Juan
Calle Benito Juárez 38, Colonia Centro
(647) 428-1535

Hotel Somar
Madero #100
(647) 428-0195

La Mansión
Obregón #10
(647) 428-0010

Motel y Trailer Park Dolisa
Calle Madero 72, Colonia Churubusco
(647) 428-0131

Piedras Grandes
Barrio El Chalatón
(647) 103-1259

Posada de Don Andrés
Rosales #24-A
(647) 428-1110

Posada Tacubaya Bed and Breakfast
Tucabaya #1
(647) 428-0222

Rancho Acosta B & B RV Park
5 de Mayo y Guadalupe Posada

Casa de Maria Felix

Posada de San Andres